Том 3 (2018)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24919/2519-4100.3.2018



The application of authors' phytocomplexes "Zdorovya simyi" (health of the family) in the patient rehabilitation of the stages I–II of dyscirculatory hypertonic encephalopathy with cognitive deficits PDF (English)
I. Pavlusenko, M. Makeev, Yu. Ostroverha 7-15
Physiological and hygienic assessment of schoolchildren's nutrition: current state of affairs PDF (English)
N. Kotsur, L. Tovkun 16-25
To the question of the role of health-improving nutrition in the prevention of elderly diseases PDF (English)
L. Bibik, M. Bibik, N. Borodina 26-35
Сhislographica (GRAPHICS-NUMBER) literacy of rational nutrition with excess weight and associated common diseases PDF (English)
A. Znayda, V. Pivovarchuk, A. Udalov, А. Negoda, A. Vasilyev, A. Znayda, V. Nakonechny, V. Kaminsky, O. Pivovarchuk 36-45
Legal, medical, social and economic aspectsof rational feeding of babies in Ukraine PDF (English)
A. Krychkovska, N. Zayarnyuk, I. Lobur, A. Khomenko, I. Gubytska, N. Marintsova, V. Novikov 46-57
Comparative analysis of antimicrobial properties of Persicaria bistorta L., Mentha piperita and Vaccinium Myrtillius L. PDF (English)
A. Ivasivka, N. Hoivanovych, V. Stakhiv 58-67
Sugar substitutes and their effects on the human body PDF (English)
N. Stetsula, V. Senkiv, V. Obukh, B. Wanot 68-80
Trends in prevalence of thyroid diseases among the population in Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region PDF (English)
S. Monastyrska, R. Stetsyk, R. Kravtsiv 81-92
The healthy situation perception of people after 60 years using the medical evidences of the specialistic consultations of voivodeship hospitals in Czestochowa PDF (English)
K. Mizerska, A. Kosior-Lara 93-101
Opportunities for safe biomedication of household stores PDF (English)
O. Shved, R. Petrina, S. Vasylyuk, O. Fedorova, Z. Gubriy, V. Havryliak, O. M. Shved, V. Novikov 103-116
The evaluation of the hydroecosystem (natural waters) toxicity in Turka and Skole districts of Lviv region PDF (English)
L. Kropyvnytska, O. Stadnichuk, I. Martyniuk 117-129
Prospects of using sulfur in the rabbits feeding PDF (English)
Ya Lesyk, A. Dychok 130-142
Baking сharacteristics of winter wheat grain depending on elements of cultivation technology PDF (English)
A. Dziubailo, V. Senkiv, L. Slobodian 143-155
The research of sewage and surface water of the dumps of Boryslav ozokerite deposit PDF (English)
G. Krechkivska, Y. Pavlyshak, S. Voloshanska 156-165
Organic farming as a prerequisite of a healthy diet PDF (English)
I. Drozd, J. Gasior, O. Dytso 166-174
Comparative characteristics of the EU and Ukrainian standards for the purchase of dairy raw milk, their approaching to EU requirements PDF (English)
S. Farafonov, V. Stakhiv, R. Kravtsiv 175-192
Formation of health-safety competences among students in the scientific pedagogical project "Intelligence of Ukraine" PDF (English)
S. Kirilenko 194-203
The problems of formation of the healthy modus vivendi of students of higher education establishments in the sphere of health protection PDF (English)
U. Kalichak, Yu. Kalichak 204-214
Nutrition state of student youth in current conditions PDF (English)
H. Kovalchuk, O. Lupak, S. Musina, L. Pitteljon 215-226
Nutrition as a source of energy for a primary school student PDF (English)
O. Vashchenko 227-236
Students’ overweight as a factor of developing obesity PDF (English)
V. Fil, A. Ivasivka, Ye. Shypytiak 237-243